Engaging your week

-The life of fruitfulness you seek depends on the quality of the seed you sow into your life. Proverbs 4:23

– The resurrection of JESUS is a proof to the validity of the spiritual law of sowing and reaping.

– The word of God is the greatest seed man can ever have to achieve unprecedented fruitfulness.

Receive your daily bread and cast your bread on many waters. Don’t forget that the law of seed time and harvest time is preserved in Jesus Christ.
Don’t get weary of sowing good seeds for in due season you’ll reap if you do not faint. Galatians 6:9

Open up to your Maker and let him have His way in your life because He is longing to bless you and make your life beautiful. Maximize your flair for God and minimize your fears in life because He that rules the affairs of the world is always eager to build a relationship with you that comes with total life transformation.

Engage your week with fruitful words.
Have a great week ahead!


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