No Waste

Let’s just say I married a farmer, my husband loves anything that has to do with farming. I remember growing up, any peel of banana, yam and so on I threw them away because I felt there was totally no use for it.
I got married and everything I always threw away or considered waste became useful because we are either giving it to animals or trying to decompose waste till they become maggot.

Then I thought of God the Father as the Farmer, with Him nothing is a waste. What we consider as waste in our lives is what God most times wants to make food to the nations, it’s yummy for many persons.
What we call waste, whether our pasts which is inclusive of the errors we’ve made in life has the viability of becoming God’s message to the nations.

This is why we must never call anything we’ve been through in life a waste, a wasted season or a wasted relationship and so on. With God there’s Gold in it.

Remember Ezekiel 37, the valley filled with dry bones. It seemed like it was all over but here was a mighty army that God was seeing.

What you call a waste in your life is what He wants to make use of to bless the nations.

Let Hope come alive!
Jesus loves you.

Here’s an invite to be part of the feast Jesus has prepared for you, you will only partake of it by being washed in His precious blood that was shed for you. Today choose Jesus!

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Jesus knows what you need.

In Matthew 9:2, A man was brought to Jesus by his friends, he could neither walk nor move his legs and was lying on a mat. Jesus took a look at his friends who brought the man to him and He could tell that they truly believed in Him. Note that it wasn’t the man on the mat who had the illness that believed in Him but his friends.

Jesus goes on to say, “Do not be afraid my friend, I forgive you for the wrong things you’ve done” (Easy to read Version). This statement made by Jesus caused an uproar and opposition amongst the Teachers of the law, they said who does He think he is? Is he trying to say he has power to forgive? Mortal Man that is like us, when we ourselves who have been deep in the law of Moses have not even assumed the position of God, this man is saying he forgives sins. A lot was going on in their minds and Jesus knew it

Jesus a man of wisdom responded appropriately to them in verse 4 and 5. knowing their thoughts, Jesus said, “Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts? Which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’? But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” So he said to the paralyzed man, “Get up, take your mat and go home.

One thing stands out in this scripture, Jesus knew what that man needed and wasn’t about to just give quick fixes but to deal with the root. Jesus knew this man had been cringing under the weight of sin, he was afraid that nemesis was catching up with him for all of his past wrongs so if He (Jesus) had just said to Him “Rise up and be healed”, tendencies are the devil would come again with condemning thoughts because of His past and because there is already a satanic opening because of the wrongs.

Jesus needed to give him a greater revelation to confront the devil with or else the devil will push him in such a way that might ruin his precious destiny in Christ Jesus.

Another thing that stands out in this scripture is to never expect that people will always know and understand your need like Jesus. The teachers of the law expected Jesus to only heal this man probably but they didn’t know that he needed more than Just being healed, he needed mercy and grace.

Could it be that you feel you know what you need in that life’s challenging situation but you honestly don’t know? Could it be that you have been cringing under the weight of guilt and shame but all you think you claim you need are ephemeral stuffs to make you forget the past? Could it be that you need a greater revelation to navigate a particular challenge from its roots and not quick fixes?

Man’s greatest need was love, it was forgiveness from all of the weight we bore because of our wrong choices and that’s why Jesus came and shed His precious blood on Calvary’s tree for us. He saw our need and He still sees our need.

He calls you to leave the devil’s coven to dine with Him at His table, He beckons through salvation for if any man be in Christ He is a new creature, old things have passed and behold all things are new! 2 Corinthians 5:17. This is where your rising comes from. That man went double sure He was forgiven, free in Jesus, free to live without the fear of condemnation forever, free to move

He wants you to surrender over and over again as His own, saying Lord you know what I need, let your light shine upon my heart so that I’d know too and be divinely aligned. Grant me a greater revelation that silences every need that I do not know I have.

Remember that in the light of His face, all our questions fade away because He meets what He knows is our need.

God bless You!

We invite you to journey with the Lord Jesus as you ask Him to take rest in your heart by saying this prayer;

Dearest Jesus I thank you for your death, burial and resurrection, you did all of this for me. I know I have lived my life without you in it but today I surrender all to you, forgive my sins and take over my life. Thank You for Your LOVE towards me Jesus. In Jesus name. Welcome to God’s family!