Walking with my Limp

Anyone who knows me would probably know how much I love music, or more appropriately put, Christian Contemporary Music. I also have a couple of gospel musicians that I listen to and one of them is Jonathan McReynolds.
So, there is this song that J. McReynolds sang titled ‘Limp, and it’s a song with some thought provoking lyrics. I’d like to share the message I’ve gotten from the song.

Below are extracts from the lyrics:
 _”The devil thought this injury would make me stop and take defeat, but I know Jesus walks with me. So, I’ll just keep on walking with my limp”_ 
The song is tailored for Christians (it is a gospel song after all) and the message is that, there are times, as Christians, when we may err against God’s will and then have to face a repercussion for a sin that we committed (the repercussion is the injury being described in the lyrics above).

In these kinds of circumstances, the enemy can try to harden our hearts against repentance or he might even make us feel that we are beyond repentance (he wants us to take defeat). Instead of accepting his lies, McReynolds sings that he will walk with his limp (the limp is the consequence of an injury); because, according to him, Jesus walks with him to help him heal. 

Why am I writing this? I don’t want anyone who reads this post to fall into the trap of believing the lies of the enemy and take defeat of past sinful actions.
How do I know that the enemy is lying? The devil’s language is to tell lies. Jesus said this. In fact, Jesus called him “the father of lies”. If the devil is not lying; then he is probably being deceitful with God’s word like he did to Jesus in the wilderness where Jesus was tempted.

Also the devil’s words do not correspond with God’s truth as found in God’s word; therefore, he is a liar. God’s word is truth and it has been tested and trusted. And God’s word says that God does not want any man to perish. It also says that if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. It does not say that we are beyond repentance. 

Peradventure there is a reader of this post that has fallen into a sin, and thus has to pay the consequences for one’s actions, please don’t be tempted to take defeat, I encourage you to accept the truth of God’s word and come to Jesus for healing. If it helps, talk to a Christian or a spiritual leader about it. Yes, there may be for your but walking with Jesus will make your healing process more bearable.
Walk with your limp, and watch as you’re healed in the process.

Tomi Kayode.

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2 thoughts on “Walking with my Limp

  1. Fiyin4Jesu


    Thank you for the reminder ma’am.
    I’ll sure go get that song and listen.

    And, yes, the devil’s consistent is to tell lies and we will not fall into him making us feel we can’t always get back to our Father for forgiveness….

    Thank you mama

    Liked by 1 person

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