I was reading a post by Pastor Temiloluwa Ola and it says no matter how disappointed a Yoruba man is, he doesn’t make him stop speaking Yoruba (Paraphrased).

How then do we change our language of Faith when it feels like darkness creeped in.
Blind Bartimeous knew he couldn’t afford being silent because it was his Kairos moment. The disciples shut him up severally, he should have said to himself ‘Since these guys who should be spiritual jagaban shut me up that means there’s no hope for me’ but hey! He kept on shouting ‘Jesus, Son of David have Mercy on me’.

It was all shout until he got Jesus’ attention and you know what happened thereafter. (Mark 10:45-52)

God the Father in Genesis 1 did not say because the earth was dark, without form and void, it was such an impossible situation, let me just keep quiet and allow it be, No! He spoke let there be LIGHT and there it was.

Darkness must never change your speech or reduce the intensity of your tone. When it’s dark, let your speech fire on with high intensity. Blast in tongues! Declare the word of God! It’s powerful, it is life.
Jesus said the words that I speak to you they are Spirit and life, same also with you as a child of God. God’s word In your mouth is a Walking miracle, don’t let the darkness rob you of the manifestation you should see.

We pray for strength by God’s Spirit in your inner man to declare God’s word for our nation and we come against the spirit of discouragement ravaging the atmosphere in the name of Jesus. Amen!

Here’s an invite to be part of the feast Jesus has prepared for you, you will only partake of it by being washed in His precious blood that was shed for you. Today choose Jesus!

We’d love to pray with you so kindly send an email to jesusexpressed@gmail.com or call directly +2348102953252.


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