When God calls you

The call of God seems to be a dreaded thing, especially in this part of the world where it is termed to be a call to a miserable life and by call I do not just mean within the four walls of the church alone, it cuts across every sphere that Jesus is set to enthrone Himself.

When God calls it’s not to a miserable life. The word of God tells us in Mark 3:13 that Jesus called his chosen disciples up the mountain, “mountain” stands for elevation, height, so when the Lord calls you it is to elevation, it is to see clearly, it is to doing it His way.

The word of God tells us in Revelations 4:1 that the voice came from above to John, telling him to “Come up Higher” and that call was to see what his physical eyes could not see.
When God calls you, it is so your vision is elevated and for you to walk in what He has called you to be, it is never to diminish you or make you miserable in life as some may have insinuated.

Today if the Lord is calling you or asking you to do one thing, follow His heart. His call will only elevate you.

You are blessed!❤️

Here’s an invite to be part of the feast Jesus has prepared for you, you will only partake of it by being washed in His precious blood that was shed for you. Today choose Jesus!

We’d love to pray with you so kindly send an email to jesusexpressed@gmail.com or call directly +2348102953252.


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