Is Jesus your gate pass?

Ever been to a place where a gate pass is needed for entry or exit?, at that moment the gate pass is important to get in or to leave. Thereafter, its no longer needed by the individual until the next time he has need of entry or exit.
This is how a number of us treat our love walk with Jesus, He is just for times when we are in dire need of something; a contract, fame, influence, material stuffs and all. We basically see Him as a means to an end, to what we want.

Jesus fed the 5,000 and they trailed him not because they wanted to be loyal disciples but because of what they’d get from associating with Him and Jesus knew their heart.
Jesus replied, “Let me make this very clear, you came looking for me because I fed you by a miracle, not because you believe in me.
(John 6:26 TPT)

Have you ever felt bad that someone just needed you as a means to get everything they wanted? Imagine how Jesus feels when we do that to Him.

Its only when we are broke we pray or when we are called to preach that we read the word or when there’s trouble that we stay in fellowship with him out of panic.

This is not the life we’ve been called to live, Jesus doesn’t want to be the gate pass you need to get what you want, He wants to be all you ever need. He wants to see that He’s truly enough for you.

One of the sermons that changed my life as an undergraduate was the question ‘Why do I seek Jesus?’ That day I to be honest about my priorities, I realized I just needed Jesus as a gate pass to get what I wanted and I repented because I need Jesus, I want to be at His feet for life, loving up on Him.

This week repent where you need to and make a decision by the help of the Holy Spirit to love up on Jesus all the days of your life.

Jesus must never be your gate pass, He must be your everything.
You are blessed!💜

Here’s an invite to be part of the feast Jesus has prepared for you, you will only partake of it by being washed in His precious blood that was shed for you. Today choose Jesus!

We’d love to pray with you so kindly send an email to or call directly +2348102953252.


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