Healed to Serve

My mum always told us the story of a man who was a leper but was miraculously healed by Jesus. She said the man had been down with leprousy and a particular church which she attended had reached out to him and God had used them to bring healing to this man. The church expected that he’d be committed in the service of God or at least attend church but none of these happened. They went to his home to check on him asking why he wasn’t in church, he simply said to them that when you get treated in the hospital do you go back to the hospital?
That was quite a blow for someone who had been miraculously healed by Jesus. You know we don’t reason things like the people of the world, we have been delivered to serve, healed to serve not go back to living complacent life.

Peter’s Mother-In-Law was healed by Jesus and immediately she rose to minister unto Him, she didn’t whine as to why she needed time to rest but she served. You show true appreciation to Jesus for saving and healing you when you serve not give excuses as to why you can’t. (Matthew 8:14-15)

The woman at the well received word of knowledge from Jesus, she had been amazed at how much He knew her and how healing the words he said to her were so she ran into the village to tell everyone who needed to hear about this man who told her all she had ever been. People came from the town to look for this Jesus she talked about. ‘The town’ coming to know Jesus is locked in your service to Him. (John 4:29-30)

Being a believer is beautiful when you don’t keep it to yourself, go after others bringing them into what you currently enjoy through whatever platform the Lord has given you.
We are in the days when we can no longer keep mute about God’s goodness to mankind that was displayed on Calvary’s tree.

This week carry the consciousness that you have been Healed to serve, you have been saved to serve.

Have a glorious week!

Here’s an invite to be part of the feast Jesus has prepared for you, you will only partake of it by being washed in His precious blood that was shed for you. Today choose Jesus!

We’d love to pray with you so kindly send an email to jesusexpressed@gmail.com or call directly +2349025560216.


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