Jesus wants to Heal you.

Healing is the children’s bread.
The leper in the book of Matthew 8:1-4 met Jesus,he had a conversation in his mind prior to meeting him (Jesus).
He’s like this man is a big man ooo, see the crowd following Him, would he have time to minister healing to me a low life, one who has been sent out from the midst of persons who are in health. He was thinking with Jesus’ high pedigree, he might not want to respond to him.

He didn’t know that Jesus isn’t man who would judge you by the way you look or by your predicament and decide to or not to respond to you, so he says dear Jesus ‘If you are willing, Please heal me’. That was a statement from someone who wasn’t sure if dear Jesus was willing to heal him because of the disability he had but here was the response of Jesus ‘I am willing’. It felt like Jesus was saying I am not second guessing whether I’m sure I want to heal you because I truly want to heal you, I have not come for those who are in health but for those who are sick, those in need of a physician, those who are broken and in need of help

I feel like many of us are like this Leper in Matthew 8, we are not sure if Jesus wants to heal us of that pain which might be in our body, our minds, our hearts. We feel like Jesus will turn us down so we say things like ‘I’m not sure He’ll answer me’ but Jesus is here saying I am willing to heal you, I do not feel coerced when it comes to healing you of all the pain, I love doing it and I want to do it over and over again.

You can lean on the one who heals, He won’t turn you down and He’s not even planning to turn you down.

We speak health this moment to everyone in need of healing in their body, soul and spirit in the name of Jesus..

For those who have been holding on to certain wounds, we pray for healing over you in the name of Jesus.

There is a Balm in Gilead and He’s Jesus!

We invite you to journey with the Lord Jesus as you ask Him to take rest in your heart by saying this prayer;

Dearest Jesus I thank you for your death, burial and resurrection, you did all of this for me. I know I have lived my life without you in it but today I surrender all to you, forgive my sins and take over my life. Thank You for Your LOVE towards me Jesus. In Jesus name. Welcome to God’s family!


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