Has your Vision been blurred by Pain?

One of the most precious gifts that any man can have in life is the gift of seeing right, seeing as the Father sees. Why? Because it helps you focus on that which the Father majors on and minor on what He minors.

What happens when your heart and eyes are blurred by the pain of the current season you are in? One thing God wants to help you and I do, is to see correctly when pain knocks hard.

At Gethsemane, Jesus bared out His heart to the Father, pouring out the anguish and pain of his soul. He prays 3 times for long, just pouring out His heart before the Father and at every point He says “If You will, let this cup pass over me but nevertheless not as I will but as You will Lord”. You will think this was easy for Him to say because He was the son of God until you are down in similar situation.

While He prayed, he knew the pain wasn’t going to get any easier or better but there was something that he saw that made him say “you know what I’m doing this, come what may”.

Fast forward to the Cross, this same man was called all sorts of name, he was despised, afflicted, name it but He knew it was for the best, it was for the Salvation of humanity. He remembered you and I and said I’m going to damn the shame and do this!

Notice that at all this points, he was seeing correctly just as the Father would see not allowing pain to blur His vision because to be honest pain can blur anyone’s vision. In such moments or season, you begin to yearn for the nearest escape route, you are pressured on all sides and most times feel alone.

God’s word tells us that our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory 2 Corinthians 4:17

Friends! When you walk through such season of pain, in fact when you sense such seasons near, Pray! Pray!! Pray!!! Ask God to help you see correctly what He’s doing in that season of your life, Ask him to help you respond correctly. I’m telling You God answers and I am a living testament to it.

Be encouraged! Your season of Refreshing is here!

We invite you to journey with the Lord Jesus as you ask Him to take rest in your heart by saying this prayer;

Dearest Jesus I thank you for your death, burial and resurrection, you did all of this for me. I know I have lived my life without you in it but today I surrender all to you, forgive my sins and take over my life. Thank You for Your LOVE towards me Jesus. In Jesus name. Welcome to God’s family!


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