Never Wears Out!

This is that time of the year when a lot of churches and body of Christ at large take time to wait on the Lord in a fast and pray fervently for the year. As this is being done, a lot of believers do not see the need for such or feel its all about working hard, yes while working hard is good, we must not run on our own strength because if we do we are sure to experience burn out.

The angel of the Lord said to Elijah in (1 Kings 19:7), eat for the journey is far, we must never take off on a journey trusting in the arm of flesh for it is set to fail us and it is sure going to lead to a burn out.

The strength of God never wears out and those who look to Him for strength experience a never wearing-out strength. The strength they experience is what (Deuteronomy 33:25) describes as “As your days are so shall Your strength be”.

If you bought a dress 2 years ago, by now there would be traces of it being worn out because with constant use comes diminishing strength but with the Father that never grows weary its a lot different, He says as your days is so shall your strength be. This is why you can not run in your own strength and capability, it only ends in burn out and failure.

The Bible speaks about Moses’ natural strength not been abated even at an old age (Deuteronomy 34:7). You too can enjoy this but you must first learn to lean on Jesus for strength, admit that by your own strength you can not prevail, ask Him to lead you and do whatever He bids you, never despise waiting on Him in a fast too.

By God’s strength you can run through troops and leap over walls (Psalms 18:29). God’s strength never wears out no matter the work He does, why not lean into this kind of strength today?

We have a long way to go in 2020 and the years to come, you can not afford to run in your own strength. SEEK GOD’S STRENGTH TODAY!

We invite you to journey with the Lord Jesus as you ask Him to take rest in your heart by saying this prayer;

Dearest Jesus I thank you for your death, burial and resurrection, you did all of this for me. I know I have lived my life without you in it but today I surrender all to you, forgive my sins and take over my life. Thank You for Your LOVE towards me Jesus. In Jesus name. Welcome to God’s family!

Have a Fabulous Week!


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