Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
    but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. Psalms 20:7

Some find their strength in their weapons and wisdom,
but my miracle deliverance can never be won by men.
Our boast is in the Lord our God,
who makes us strong and gives us victory! Psalms 20:7 (TPT)

David was that man who knew what this scripture meant deeply, being a man of war, amazing harpist and skillful at everything he did. It is not easy for a man of war to see that war is ahead of him and naturally not want to use his expertise and professionalism to conquer his enemies.

David a man of war will first inquire of the Lord before he advanced into any battle. It is like a Medical Doctor who has carried out series of tests on a cancer patient and is still asking for what medication to prescribe when from the test the medication to be used is glaring.

I believe that one thing that moves the Lord’s heart is when by human standards we are experts at what we do but yet we genuinely surrender whatever we know to Him and ask Him to lead us because guess what? sometimes what we know isn’t going to be the game changer.

It is honestly of utmost importance that we find ourselves leaning upon the Holy Spirit to teach us. While Expertise is super good and can not be undermined, more importantly is Trusting in the name of the Lord because it is our weapon, it is our tool if we must do valiantly for the Father in this day and age.

Friends! Leaning and inquiring of the Father before we do anything despite all we know is not stupidity, it is not out of place, it only shows that we reverence the truth that the Lord sees and knows it all.

Be an Expert in your area of specialty but never let it get in the way when God is set to do things in an unconventional way through you in that field. Remember that all we do in life is to bring the Father glory.

We hope this blessed you.

You can not enjoy fellowship with Jesus if you don’t know Him and you can’t fulfill your destiny if you do not know HIM. We welcome you to turn unto Jesus because He alone saves, He died for your sins to make you whole and complete Him. Accept Him today.

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Jesus LOVES you and We LOVE you


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