Discernment 2

Then she said to her mistress, “If only my master were with the prophet who is in Samaria! For he would heal him of his leprosy.” And Naaman went in and told his master, saying, “Thus and thus said the girl who is from the land of Israel.” (2 Kings 5:3-4)

Last week we looked at the story of David and His men and how David was able to discern that there was gold in this men not writing them off at first sight.

The second part is the story of Naaman, though a leper was a commander and you know what that means, he was a big man. The description the bible gives about Naaman is jaw-dropping, he was a valiant soldier with proofs and was held in high esteem but his one issue was leprousy.

His help had initially been captured by band raiders from his place, Syria and it was enough for her to be bitter that she had been taken far away from her family to come be a Mistress to Naaman’s wife but then she walks up to her madam saying only if my Oga can just go to the Prophet Elisha, I know the leprosy will be gone. I’m sure Naaman might have thought to himself that “What does this househelp know?”, “Does she know the number of physicians I have met for help?” and she says if I can just go to Israel but thank God he took the step to go by orders given to him by his master.

As if to say, he was set up for a moment to push forth for his breakthrough even in the most unlikely situations, Elisha sent a servant to him to ask him to wash in the River Jordan which makes it servant 2 helping him on his journey to healing. Being a dignitary, he thought it demeaning that the prophet would send a servant to him, worse of all ask him to go wash in the Jordan river.

At this point, he thought to himself I’m so done!!!and I’m really not interested but then his servants showed up and said to him “Oga why not do it, its not as if the prophet asked you to do something great or unbelievable”. He listened to them and that was the turning point in his life.

Notice that all of them were servants and it was easy for him to feel bossy and decide he wasn’t going to listen to them but thank God that he listened.

Here are two lessons from this, on the journey to discernment, it is very and highly important to LISTEN, first to the voice of the Holy Spirit. You must also learn to listen to the voice of the Spirit in people. Never DESPISE anyone because of the way they look or who they are or where they work or even what they earn at the moment.

There is this funny statement I keep hearing and it is that if you want to know about an organization, don’t go in search of the bosses in the organization, ask the security men, the cleaners. As funny as this statement might seem, it appears that this can be really true especially in this part of Africa.

Never despise anyone, never look down on anybody, they might have answers you have been seeking. Love people unrepentantly, this is the only way you will be able to discern accurately.

We hope this blessed you.

You can not enjoy fellowship with Jesus if you don’t know Him and you can’t fulfill your destiny if you do not know HIM. We welcome you to turn unto Jesus because He alone saves, He died for your sins to make you whole and complete Him. Accept Him today.

Kindly send an email to jesusexpressed@gmail.com so we can agree in prayer with you.

Jesus LOVES you and We LOVE you


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