Man in the Cave

I once read of the story of a man who was running from his supposed opposition, he ran to the extent that he lived in a cave. While in the cave, people who were in trouble, in debt, discontented and lots came to meet him and he became their leader. They were not just few persons but 400 in number yet they could trust a man who was running for his own life.

Do people go to seek help from people who obviously have their own issues, I mean glaring issues?… Why do you think these 400 men all went to meet him with their own issues? Was it because they did not know that he didn’t have a place to stay? That he was running from a supposed opposition? Shouldn’t they have been more afraid to be with a man who could be killed at anytime? Was it that those who were in the debt didn’t know that He himself was blessed? 1 Samuel 22:1-2

This man was David and sometimes I wonder how someone with such “huge” issues will go all out for people, will love recklessly, will wait to listen to what God will have him do per time and will have much compassion on people.

The 400 men who he was leading knew all of his life history but they took note of something greater which was SUBSTANCE. Men are not attracted to you because of your material possessions but because of what you carry on the inside, if they are attracted to your material possessions, it’s only a matter of time you won’t see them because such doesn’t last. What is eternal is all that makes sense.

We have been called to bring order to situations and lives that are in disarray, we must carry this mindset wherever we find ourselves. Let it be that whenever we get to a place, or we walk into people’s life, let it be that our relationship with them births an encounter with Jesus, turns their lives around 360 degrees. If it wasn’t working before let it begin working well and right. I believe that David’s mighty men came from this 400, just imagine the exploits they made just by walking into his life. 2 Samuel 23:8-39

That’s why scripture says of God’s children, whatsoever we lay our hands on prospers that’s whatever our touches our hands or our hands touch thrives in the courts of our God. Psalms 1:1-3, Psalms 92:10

Child of God you carry substance, men do not just meet you and remain the same, there must just be a shift in their lives. You are a blessing unto the nations of the earth, walk in this reality. Wherever you find yourself, you bloom and bless lives, it doesn’t matter if its an obscure place.

Walk in this reality! Live this reality!

You are blessed!

You can not enjoy fellowship with Jesus if you don’t know Him and you can’t fulfill your destiny if you do not know HIM. We welcome you to turn unto Jesus because He alone saves, He died for your sins to make you whole and complete Him. Accept Him today.

Kindly send an email to so we can agree in prayer with you.

Have an AWE-mazing week!

Jesus LOVES you.


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