There is a time for everything; a purpose for every season under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1
Brothers and Sisters, A beautiful week ahead is what we desire for everyone who is a part of this family. As our custom, we won’t leave us without something to ponder upon and hold onto for this week.

The Understanding of Times and Seasons. Times and season depends on two things;
1) The Sovereignty of Jehovah Himself.
According to scripture He alone ultimately holds the times of events (Ecclesiastes 3:11). He was the one that gave the sea its limit, by his command floods start and stop as was the case in the story of Noah, by prophecy Jesus was meant to come and die. The time of plenty and the time of lack in Egypt could not be avoided regardless of how hardworking or how lazy the Egyptians were. He holds things in sovereignty and by His infinite wisdom he decides them.

However as children of God he makes us privy to his plan so we can be aligned and know how to deal in those times. He gave Joseph the wisdom to “save” and to “sell” and even though what he had planned to happen in Egypt didn’t fail, it didn’t cause hardship also because of Joseph. God promised in (Job 5:20) to ensure you do not starve even when divine timing has famine in its calendar for the world, Joseph’s story gives a clue on how this is possible.

To make divine timing and God’s sovereignty over it work in your favour, you must have the knowledge of His will per time and be constantly aligned to it in wisdom and understanding. Colossians 1:9.

2) The Understanding and Works of Men:
The story of the children of Israel in captivity is the greatest clue to understanding this, twice in Egypt and in Babylon the children of Israel stayed beyond the time they ought to spend as stipulated by prophecy.

Also critically looking at the story of Joseph, you ask why would God wait until a certain time before sending a dream to Pharoah but God had to wait till Joseph’s trial was complete. (Psalms 105:17-22). But the completion of his trial was totally dependent on how fast he was able to respond and not special divine timing.

The delay of Israel depended on when they were ready to be freed in Egypt. At first I thought it was just Moses who was not ready but then (Acts 7:20-44) made us understand Moses actually ran because the children of Israel didn’t recognize God’s workings through Moses to rescue them from slavery at the time.

Sometimes your time has come but your eyes only need to be opened. You might need to remember something from the past that you missed or neglected, you can also pray that God opens your eyes to it but ultimately brethren if we align ourselves to His will, if we seek to know His heart; we will never struggle neither will any unnecessary delay come our path.

I pray that every unnecessary delay on the path of anyone and in the life of anyone be removed now in Jesus name. May the Almighty God open our eyes of understanding. AMEN!
Have a blessed week.



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